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How to Measure Yourself to Determine Size

Suit Size: Your chest size is typically the measurement of a suit. For example: A 44 means your chest is 44 inches or thereabouts. PLEASE NOTE: If your waistline is bigger than your chest, you should substitute your waist measurement for your chest measurement. If not, your coat will not button.

How to measure your CHEST: Take a tape measure and place it under your arms completely around your body with your arms to your side (don't hold your breath), measure the biggest part of your chest. This will determine the size of your chest and the size of the coat you need. You can always go a size or so bigger in the coat. European sizes is measured in centimeters. But you can add 10 to your chest size to determine the European size without having to measure in centimeters.

LONG, REGULAR or SHORT A man's height usually determines which suit fits the best. A rule of thumb is typically someone over 6 feet or 6'1" tall, you will need a LONG. If you are shorter than 5'9", then you will probably need a short.

Shirt Sleeve Lengths and Neck Sizes: Shirt sleeve lengths are measured from the middle of the neck down to the end of the cuff. The neck on shirts is the circumverence of your neck, measured in inches. For example: 16 x 32/33 means the shirt fits a person with a neck size of 16 inches and a arm length of 32 to 33 inches.

How to Measure your Shirt Sleeve and Neck: Take the tape measure and measure your neck. To measure you sleeve length, you will have to have someone do it for you. Measure from your back at your neckline down to your wristbone with your arm outwards a bit.

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