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Love at first sight.............


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We apologize our sever for Italian email buying addresses no longer can accept old buyers contact please use yahoo while under construction.
Thank you for contacting our buying department.
Currently Scivago can only be purchased through our web site or from a contracted Scivago Boutique due to the scarcity of true vintage clothing.
Please note what you see on the site is first come first serve and each piece is a true one of a kind. We do not carry back stock in any piece as its truly an original, similar styles may be found but not actual pieces.
We only supply to 7 boutiques through out the year please email for our client list so you can visit one in a city near you.


Do not forget to be added to our mailing list! just email in the sub title add mailing list,and Viola! your added!!

Please do not email our Italian email server as it no longer exists!